BIS Can Ch/Am GCh Fieldday Aston Martin (Flash) Can/Am Ch Blacfriar Nautilus' Capt'n Can WCI JH, Can/Am CDX Am/Can Ch Blacfriar Oliver Twist Am/Can CDX JH WCX, Am NA NAJ OAP OJP, Can AgN Am/Can Ch Darktarn Blac Phineas Am/Can CDX WC, Am JH Am/Can Ch Butterblac's Excalibur Am CD, Can CDX WC
Am Ch Darktarns My Sweet Gypsy Rose
Am/Can Ch Brushwynd Blacfriar Phoenix Am/Can CD WC, Am JH Am Ch Grousemoor Doctor J
Am/Can Ch S.G. Grousemoor Glory Be
Am/Can Ch Exotic Mark of Excellence Am/Can CDX WC, Am NJP Am Ch Exotic Ice Chest Am Ch Exotic Uninhibited Zeus CDX
Exotic Agent Ninety-Nine
Exotic Undeniable Destiny Am Ch Athercroft Unmythtakable CDX JH WCX HOF
Exotic Athercroft Willow
Can/Am Ch Fieldday On Your Mark Can WCI JH, Can/Am CD, Am WCX Can CH Alkhamhurst First Admiral Eng Sh Ch Lacetrom Cardow of Bordercot Eng Sh Ch Bordercot Guy
Branchalwood Tanna of Lacetrom
Waverton Muscadet at Alkhamhurst Glidesdown Kingfisher
Eng Ch Waverton Katinka
Can Ch Fieldday Devon Dream On Can WCX CDX JH, Am CD WC Am/Can Ch Blacfriar Sun Devil Lucas Am/Can CD WC Am/Can Ch Darktarn Blac Phineas Am/Can CDX WC, Am JH
Can Ch Jantel's Orosay Mist
Can Ch Ryvertown Dazzling Dayna CDX JH WC, Am WC Fox Creek Topper
Highland Hills Delhia D'Lite
BISS Can Ch Matlaras Estella JH CD RN WC (Pixie) Taranbeck Last Fusilier Eng Sh Ch Forgeway Park Royal Waverton Toby Ale of Varingo Eng Ch Brown Keston of Varingo FTW
Eng Ch Waverton Madeira
Riversflight Maiden Eng Ch Branchalwood Stroan
Eng Ch Riversflight Inny
Taranbeck Sorrel Sun Dancer Warresmere Teal Warresmere Cyphel
Warresmere Sarsanet
Taranbeck Lone Ranger Claverton Raffles of Collyers
Taranbeck Sorrel Celebrity
Matlaras Mischief Maker
Waybeyond All Reason Cleovine Tresillion Eng Sh Ch Braemist Fire Falcon
Eng Ch Shargleam Wood Sorrel
Shiredale Magic Hope of Abercairny Eng Sh Ch Cleovine Derrylane
Wizardwood Mist on the Water Over Shiredale
Matlaras Corona Braemar Bethoc Eng Sh Ch Heathland Gamekeeper
Shargleam Sea Shell
Matlaras Morgan Le Fay Eng Ch Ambercroft Blackthorn of Belsud
Cisstone Court Jester