BISS Am/Can CH Light-Foot's Sugar On Snow (Ethan)
Parsifal Park Royal CGC TDI (Colin) (GRB)
Eng CH Exclyst Watchman
Watchingwell Foxtrot
Fusilier of RYSHOT
Belsud Black Hawfinch
Exclyst Sequin
Wizardwood Sea Bird of Exclyst
Eng CH Midnight Star of Exclyst
Parsifal Puff
Hermitage Hector
Tarncourt Crofter FTW
Casuarina Kwacha FTA
Paraven Black Cherry of Parsival
Emanon Rajah Brooke of Parsival
Peggydora of Paravem
Am CH Light-Foot's Top O' the Morn WC RE, Am/Can CDX (Kelly)
Am CH Rockledge Tip Top
Am CH Grousemoor Mean Joe Green TDX JH WCX (HOF)
Am CH Bull Hill's Aspen
Am CH Torwood Poppy Am/Can CD WC
Am CH Summerhill October Treasure
Am CH Dynamite's Anxious Arrival CDX
Am/Bah CH Destiny Dear Abby CD
Am/Can CH Beaverun's Triple Crown OA JH WCX, UDT (HOF)
Am CH Randolynns Chez d'Artagnan UD JH WC, Can CDX
Am/Can CH Torwood Peerless CDX JH WCX (HOF)
Am CH Wyndham's Flirt
Am CH MeadowRue's Black Magic CD JH WCX
Am CH Wyndham's Kipper of MeadowRue WC
Am CH Wyndham's Hopeful CD WC
Can CH Fieldday Impromptu CD JH (Caleigh)
MATLARAS Cadmus (Ghillie) (liver) (GRB)
Waverton Toby Ale of Varingo (liver)
Eng CH Brown Keston of Varingo FTW (liver)
 Bridport of Musk (liver)
 Bella’s Gema
Eng CH Waverton Madeira
 Glidesdown Kingfisher
Eng CH Waverton Katinka JW (liver)
Matlaras Morgan Le Fay
Eng CH Ambercroft Blackthorn of Belsud
 Eng CH Belsud Capercaillie
 Ambleston Azalea
Cisstone Court Jester
Eng CH Brown Keston of Varingo FTW (liver)
Varingo Fair Maiden
Am/Can CH Fieldday On Your Mark Can WCI CD JH, Am WCX CD (Mieka)
Can CH Alkhamhurst First Admiral (GRB)
Lacetrom Cardow of Bordercot
Eng CH Bordercot Guy
Branchalwood Tanna of Lacetrom
Waverton Muscadet at Alkhamhurst
 Glidesdown Kingfisher
Eng CH Waverton Katinka JW (liver)
 Can CH Fieldday Devon Dream On WCX CDX JH, Am CD WC
Am/Can CH Blacfriar Sun Devil Lucas Am/Can CD WC
Am/Can Darktarn Blac Phineas WC JH CDX
Can CH Jantel's Orosay Mist
Can CH Ryvertown Dazzling Dayna CDX JH WC, Am WC
Fox Creek Topper
Highland HillsDehlia D'Lite CD