In existence since 1995, Fieldday is a small home base kennel located in a country setting by the Jacques-Cartier River, on the outskirts of Qu├ębec City.

Our dogs are part of our family and live in our home. Much of my free time is spent enjoying their company be it through play, walks or training. We are active in conformation, hunting and obedience, as are several other Fieldday dogs, some also performing in agility and tracking and all being, first and foremost, loved family companions.

My devotion to the advancement and welfare of the breed is reflected in Fieldday's breeding program and in making sure that our puppies are placed in loving homes.Thank you for taking the time to research this breed and understanding its unique personality before welcoming a Flat-Coat puppy into your life .

I hope you'll enjoy meeting our dogs as well as many other family members and relations.