Fieldday is proud of its breeding programme from primarily English show and working lines that have, in the last two decades, produced well-rounded versatile dogs with wonderful temperament and breed type. Health testing of the hips, elbows and patellas and of the eyes (including gonioscopy) is done prior to breeding.

Our puppies are lovingly raised in our house where they receive early stimulation and proper socialization necessary for their development. From 5 weeks on, weather permitting, they are taken outdoors daily for new experiences and varied stimuli, including the introduction to birds and water.

Before adding prospective puppy parents to our waiting list, we ask that an application be completed explaining your family situation and your expectations to help us choose the puppy that will best suit your needs and lifestyle. A visit usually follows to get to know one another better and to give you the opportunity to meet and interact with our dogs in their every day environment. Puppies are sold on non-breeding contracts with health guarantees and are ready for their new homes at about 9 weeks of age.

Upcoming Breeding

October 2019

We are delighted to announce the forthcoming breeding between Cosmo and Maeve, a combination of excellent proven show and field lines.

Cosmo has produced two litters for us with several pups doing well in the show ring and in varied performance venues. His puppy owners are delighted with the sweet and biddable temperament he has passed on to his progeny.

Maeve is a sweet athletic little girl with great training attitude be it for obedience, field and other fun activities to which we will come back to after her first litter.

The puppies will all be black and should be ready for their new home in early March 2020.

Fieldday Kurios (Cosmo)
CH Fieldday Wishgranter CD (Maeve)