Ch Fieldday Tango Tangles RN (Keeva)

Keeva… it was not our intention to keep a puppy from Kate’s litter as we already had 3-month old Maeve, but destiny decided otherwise.

Sweet and gentle, Keeva also has a strong sense of self and by going her merry way can be very clownish and entertaining, making us laugh and of course charming all.

She loves the outdoors, free to explore, run and swim. We can't help but admire her easiness in water. What a beautiful picture she makes when, during a leasurely swim, she stops to sit on a rock, looking out in contemplation. Even if she's free to do pretty much as she pleases, she did show us that she likes to retrieve… and chasing field mice in the snow.

Keeva made her show debut later than most, at 13 months, and quickly finished. Feminine in head with expressive almond shape eyes, lovely reach of neck, excellent shoulders and forechest, level topline with good length of rib, strong rear with a well-set feathered tail to finish… Keeva is elegant and refined throughout… a beautiful Flat-Coat.

Obedience classes are planned for this winter, with field training next spring.

Date of Birth : May 9, 2017
Sex : Female
Colour : Black
Call Name : Keeva
Owner(s) : Nicole Germain
Breeder(s) : Nicole Germain
Hips : n/a
Elbows : n/a
Patellas : OFA Normal
Eyes - Cerf : n/a
Eyes - Gonioscopy : n/a
DNA : n/a