Ch Fieldday Milady de Winters (Ella)

"Ella Elle l'a", her name is inspired by a song about jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald.

This little girl has it all. Perfectly balanced and very elegant, she exudes great confidence in the show ring and quickly finished her championship at 12 months of age.

Her expression is intelligent and incredibly sweet. She quickly uses her smarts to figure out new situations whatever the environment and masters new tricks with ease. She’s extremely fast at chasing birds, rabbits and other small game… thank goodness for her incredibly strong recall!

Ella is in her element in the water. Jumping off the dock, swimming and bringing back floating toys are her favourite games.

Like Boomer, Ella brings together the three Fieldday lines.

Date of Birth : February 4, 2018
Sex : Female
Colour : Black
Call Name : Ella
Owner(s) : Andrée Proulx
Breeder(s) : Nicole Germain
Hips : OFA Good
Elbows : OFA Normal
Patellas : OFA Normal
Eyes - Cerf : Normal
Eyes - Gonioscopy : n/a
DNA : BBEE Black only