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Fieldday Tango Tangles (Keeva) finished her Championship title on September 15 at the Club canin Chomedey with 2 Best of Winners, followed with her first GCh point on the last day.

Ch Fieldday Limelight (Chaplin) earned his Novice Rally Title in one week-end with 2 first place, 1 second and 1 third. Congratulations to a great team, 13-month old Chaplin and his owner Hélène Beaupré!!!

Fieldday Wishgranter CD (Maeve) finished her Championship title on June 29th at the Association canine de la Mauricie with a 3-pt major and Best of Breed.

Fieldday Limelight (Chaplin) handled by his owner Hélène Beaupré, Chaplin finished his Championship with a Group 4 on May 26 at the Club canin de Thetford.

FCRSA's National Specialty, York, PA, May 21-May 25, 2018 - There were 588 dogs at the Specialty with a total of 873 entries plus 208 Rally entries. Pixie, Maeve and I had a wonderful time and I could not be any prouder of my girls. Judges' comments -

Sweepstakes Veteran 9-11 Year Bitches (Judge: Liz Saunders) 1st Place: Ch Matlaras Estella CD (Pixie) This bitch is oozing with breed type and was a strong contender for Best in Sweeps. Exquisite one-piece head with a lovely soft expression. Ears a little on the larger size. Excellent depth and length of rib cage and beautifully constructed front with super forechest. Good rear that helped to drive her around the ring. Hocks close to the ground. Good feet, super topline for her age which held up well on the move. Silhouette on the move was breathtaking. She was carrying a lot of coat that made her look a bit shorter on leg than she actually is. Shown to perfection. Didn’t show quite as well in best in sweeps as she did in her class.

Veteran 9-11 Year Bitches (Judge: James Irvine) 2nd Place: Ch Matlaras Estella CD (Pixie) Had depth of body, strong level back, pasterns could be a shade tighter. In profuse dense coat. One of the best heads in this class being clean and nicely balanced. Free moving bitch who covered the ground well.

Sweepstakes Junior 15-18 Month Bitches (Judge: Liz Saunders) 4th Place: Fieldday Wishgranter CD (Maeve) Super liver bitch. Oozing with personality and shown to perfection. I loved this bitch's head and expression. Coat a lighter liver colour than some. Good shoulder, excellent forechest and angle of upper arm. Good feet. I just wish there was a smoother gradation between her neck and shoulders - the transition is a little abrupt at this time compagred to my 1-3 places. Her front movement coming towards me was not as strong as my 1-3 choices at this time.

Regular Class 15-18 Month Bitches (Judge: James Irvine) 2nd Place: Fieldday Wishgranter CD (Maeve) Not a big bitch, nice shade of liver, pleasing bone, firm toppling. Typical head, eye could be a shade darker. Not the reach of neck than 1. Happy on the move and placed 2nd in this class due to extremely good movement.

Fieldday Limelight (Chaplin) took a Group 3rd on his very first show on April 15th at the Club canin de l'Estrie!!!

Fieldday Wishgranter (Maeve) earned her CD Title with another High in Class and a score of 196 on March 24th at the Société canine de Québec.


Loisirs canins - November 27, 2017 - Fieldday Wishgranter - At 10 months, for Maeve's first 2 Novice Obedience trials… 2 High in Class with scores of 190 and 194.

Société canine de Québec - August 5, 2017 - At barely 2 years of age, strong> Fieldday Saga Norén finishes her Championship Title with a Group 1 and a Group 4.


Ch Matlaras Taggart JH CD WC RN (Taggart) passed his 3rd leg (3/3) for his Junior Hunter title on July 20 at the CCRQ Hunt Tests held in St-Nicolas.

Ch Fieldday Boundin' WCI CDX RA JH (Boone) On July 12, it's with flying colours that Boone passed her Working Certificate Intermediate (WCI) held by the Club du Labrador du Québec in Baie-du-Febvre.

Fieldday Travelin Tac of Tarn (Tac), a 17-month old Boone-Corry daughter, jumped 21' 8" at the Ultimate Air Dogs Canada Event in Belleville during the July 12-13 week-end. She made the finals and came in second in the Masters Division! Congratulations to this great team, Cheryl Newman and Tac.

Ch Matlaras Taggart CD WC RN got his last leg on June 7 at the Club Loisirs Canins Obedience Trial for his CD obedience title and did it in grand style with a High in Trial!!!

Ch Fieldday Greased Lightnin' (Danny) took a Group 2 under New Zealand judge Chris Graham at the Ottawa Kennel Club Conformatin Show last May 24 and finished his Championship the following day. Congratulations to owner Susan O'Marra and her 16-month old Danny from the Pixie-Flash litter.

Ch Fieldday Hwy Ninety-Four (Milford) won the Fetch Fever Stakes at the 2014 FCRSA's National Specialty. Congratulations to owners Stephen Yezerinac and Terri Taylor and best of luck with Milford's future field trials.


Free and Easy Am WC JH (BB) At 8 months, BB succeeded her Am Working Certificate (WC) and at 9½ months her Junior Hunter (JH) title. What a great little girl that BB and what a team she and her owner Carlee Ogeka make!

Am GCh/Can Ch Fieldday Dragonfly (Meadow) Congratulations to owner Tina Mohr on Meadow's Grand Championship title on September 27, 2013 at the Wine Country Circuit show in Romulus, NY.

ATChC Fieldday Mr. Incredible RAE AGN AGIJ CD TD, ExStBronze, ExJBronze (Findus) For a second year in a row, Nicole Haueisen and Findus won their category in the AAC NB-PEI Regionals and qualified for the Canadian Nationals. Congratulations to this super team!

Ch Matlaras Taggart RN WC (Taggart) Very proud of our English boy who, at 13 months took a Group 1 and finished his Canadian Championship. A few weeks later, a Rally Novice (RN) title and a Working Certificate (WC) were added at the end of his name.

FCRSC National Specialty - August 16-18, 2013, Brockville, Ontario

Fieldday was well represented at the Specialty and did very well.

CH Matlaras Taggart RN WC (Taggart) 15 months, got his 3rd pass for his Rally Novice (RN) title and won his 12-18 month class in the Sweepstakes and in the Regular Specialty class. He got his 2nd obedience CD pass and did a great job in picking up the birds for his Working Certificate;

Fieldday Morgan Aero (Kate) 7 months, Best of Opposite in Sweepstakes for our young Kate who also took 1st in the 6-9 month regular Specialty class;

Fieldday Greased Lightnin’ (Danny) 7 months, took 1st in the 6-9 month class in the Sweeps and 3rd in the regular Specialty class;

Fieldday Road Trippin’ (Sampo) 7 months, was 3rd in the 6-9 month class in the Sweeps and 2nd in the regular Specialty class;

Ch Fieldday First Star Dream RE CD (Star) was High in Trial for her Rally Excellent (RE) title;

BISS Ch Matlaras Estella RA JH CD WC (Pixie) got her 3rd pass for her Rally Advance (RA) title and made the cut in the Best of Breed ring; and

BISS Can Ch/Am GCh Fieldday Fieldday Aston Martin (Flash) was absolutely gorgeous in the Best of Breed ring and it was heartwarming to see him in the Stud Dog Class with two of his 7-month old youngsters... and take home a 1st place ribbon.


Can BIS Ch/Am GCh Fieldday Aston Martin (Flash) *** BEST IN SHOW *** Miramichi Kennel Club, N.B. The summum of a fantastic year that began with his becoming the first Fieldday dog with an Am Grand Championship title. What’s more, the few times he was shown in Canada gave him several group placements. Huge congrats to owner Hélène Beaupré-Picard!

ATChC Fieldday Mr. Incredible RAE AGN AGIJ CD TD (Findus) *** AGILITY TRIAL CHAMPION *** ExStBronze, ExJBronze, Bronze Awards of Merit. Nicole Haueisen and Findus have done it again! A summer dedicated to agility that started with winning the NB-PEI 2012 AAC Regionals in June and never stopped, accumulating title after title that took them to this most spectacular finish. 3 WOWS to Fieldday's coolest performance dog around and his incredible owner.

Ch Fieldday Boundin' CDX RA JH WC (Boone) ended the summer splendidly with two new titles.... a Rally Advance title and a CDX Obedience title. Could not be happier!

Ch Fieldday Dragonfly (Meadow) finished her American Champion on September 30th with another two majors, having taking two earlier in the spring. Meadow also finished her Canadian Championship in Iberville, taking a Group 3. Congratulations to owners Tina Mohr and Gwyneth McLellan!

Ch Fieldday First Star Dream CD RA (Star) started competing in March and passed two CD obedience trials on her first time out. In May, she succeeded her 3rd pass for her CD title as well as her Rally Novice title and in June, her Rally Advance title. Great going Star and owner Susan O'Marra for this fantastic start.

Can/Am Ch Fieldday On Your Mark WCI JH CD, CGN (Mieka) In June, Mieka passed the Canine Good Neighbour test organized by Patte Douce to raise funds for the local Equitherapy Centre. Tail wagging, she went through the exercises and with her missing eye (lost accidently) and advanced age (9-1/2 years), charmed the crowd who rewarded her with many hugs. Pixie and Boone also had fun doing the test.

Fieldday Marcus Aurelius NW2 (Marcus) is Mieka's littermate. At 9-1/2 years old, he earned his NW2 title. He is pictured doing the final search where he had to find 1 or 2 hides in each search area (interior, exterior, vehicle, and containers). Marcus loves Nosework and is looking forward to getting his NW3 title. Congratulations to owner Kris Estes and Marcus! Great work, great team!


Fieldday Mr. Incredible RAE AgN AgIJ CD TD, SGDC AADC (Findus) ranked 8th in the Top Ten All Breed in Rally Obedience in 2011. This young 2-year also obtained his CKC AgN, AgIj and RAE titles and with the Agility Association of Canada, his SGDC and AADC titles. Congratulations to top owner Nicole Haueisen! At the 2011 FCRSC’s National Specialty held in Halifax, NS, from September 3-5, Findus was covered with rosettes and prizes. I had the pleasure of handling him in the Altered Class, which he won. He also received the Versatility Retriever Award from the FCRSC. Findus is truly a very special dog.

BISS Ch Matlaras Estella JH CD RN WC (Pixie) In July, Pixie added a Junior Hunter title to her name. The few times she was shown, she did extremely well, winning a 2nd major in the States, two group placements in Canada and making the final selection for Best of Breed at the FCRSC’s National Specialty, at which she was awarded the All Round Retriever award.

Ch Fieldday Boundin’ JH WC CD RN (Boone) In May, little Boone finished her Canadian Championship with a Group 2 and then tackled field for her Working Certificate (WC) and Junior Hunter title (JH), both admirably done. Boone too received the "All Round Retriever" award from the FCRSC.

Can/Am Ch Fieldday Aston Martin (Flash) March was a Winning month for Flash starting with a Best of Breed under judge Alex Yu-Feng Zee of Taiwan at the Purina National and finishing and 3 days later his American Championship. Flash was also at the FCRSC's National Specialty and made the final selection for Best of Breed, under UK judge Louise Jones. Afterwards, he took on a few American shows that gave him 3 majors towards his Am GCh. Bravo Flash and Hélène!


Can BISS Ch Matlaras Estella CD RN WC (Pixie) 2010 was a great year for our Princess. It all started in early March at the New England Sporting Group Dog show, winning Best in Sweepstakes as well as Winner’s Bitch/Best of Winners for a 4-pt major. Soon after in Canada, she took Group 1st from the 12-18 month old class under Canadian breeder-judges Wendy Schira and Doug Windsor. Then off we went to the Regional and National specialties held in Calgary, Alberta, from July 28 to August 1, 2010.

Best in Specialty Show from the Open Class for Pixie at the Flat-Coated Retriever Society of Alberta Specialty, under UK judge Vivian Bowen. What a feeling! The next day at the West Westwinds Sporting Group Specialty, she took Best of Opposite Sex. At the National Specialty of the Flat-Coated Retriever Society of Canada, Miss Pixie made the final cut under UK judge Jim Irvine and on the last day, succeeded her Working Certificate. Most thrilling all the way, she also did quite well in Obedience taking a 2nd place and in Rally taking a 1st. A grand summer with a JH leg and a RN and CD title.

Fieldday Boundin' CD RN (Boone) Best of Opposite in Sweeps for our little Boone at the FCRSC's National Specialty, under Am judge Alice Andrews. Boone accumulated other nice wins, at the FCRSA's Regional Specialty by taking 1st in her 12-18 month class and 2nd in the Sweeps. She placed 1st in Obedience, 1st in Rally and was also 1st in her class at the Alberta Kennel Club All Breed show. During the summer, she also passed a JH leg and finished her RN and CD titles.

Fieldday Mr. Incredible RN TD (Findus) Findus added a Rally Novice (RN) title to his name and, with his 2 legs in obedience novice (CD) a third is no doubt on the way. Bravo Nicole and Findus!

Ch Fieldday Aston Martin Flash started his US show career by winning a 4-pt major at the Syracuse show in April. Shown on occasion, he continued doing well with handler Sarah Crepeau.


FCRSA's National Specialty, Warwick, Rhode Island
Fieldday had a great and successful time with many wins:
Matlaras Estella (Pixie): 1st in the 6-9 month old class in both the Sweeps and the Regular Show.
Fieldday Aston Martin (Flash): 1st in the Novice dog class.

Can Ch Fieldday Modern Times (Botox): 5th in the Open class with an entry of 25 dogs.

Fieldday First Star Dream (Star): 5th in the 12-18 month old class with an entry of 29 bitches.

Can Ch Fieldday Impromptu CD JH (Caleigh): 2nd in her Novice class.

Fieldday Mr. Incredible TD (Findus) took part in an intensive 10-day training session with the Search and Rescue Dog Association of Alberta. His owner, Nicole Haueisen, wrote: ... the first two days were pretty hard for him 'cause he never took a break while waiting his turn but he then got used to sleeping anywhere whenever he got the chance. He has a lot of drive for disaster search and also for cadaver. We could not do a lot of water search because of the weather but when we did, he loved to jump from the boat into the water. His training also took him to a mall for socialization, elevators and stairs, different surfaces and his obedience was put to the test when he had to stay still by a rollercoaster". What incredible work for a 6-month old puppy. All this work paid off as a month later, Findus had a Tracking title (TD).

Ch Fieldday Aston Martin (Flash) finished his Canadian Championship and took a Group 4. Congratulations to owner Hélène Beaupré-Picard.

Ch Fieldday First Star Dream (Star) took WB, BW and BB from the 12-18 month class to finish her Canadian Championship under Australian judge Marie Merchant. Congratulations to her owner Susan O'Marra.


FCRSC's National Specialty, Milton, Ontario
Fieldday Aston Martin (Flash), 19 months, was 2nd in his class and CH Fieldday Modern Times (Botos), 3 years, made the cut for Best of Breed.

Ch Fieldday Impromptu CD JH (Caleigh) is pictured bringing in the last ducks for her 2nd JH leg. A couple of weeks later, in Westport, Ontario, she got her Junior Hunter title.