Thinking of a Flat-Coat?

Know that...

The Flat-Coat is…
Bright and active;
Kind and friendly;
Fun loving, playful and silly;
Full of charm and a born actor;
Mischievous, exuberant and creative;
A family and hunting companion;
Your friend.

The Flat-Coat must…
Be a fully-fledged member of the family;
Be able to let out his overabundance of energy, happiness and outbursts of affection regularly;
Learn good manners early;
Have short and varied training sessions;
Not be ignored and be given lots of cuddles;
Be your friend.

The Flat-Coat will…
Wake you in the morning by jumping on your bed to give you a lick or two, or three;
Steal whatever is handy like your shoes from your closet to pile them up in the yard;
Greet people by jumping on them even when you’re sure to have trained him not to;
Delight in running in huge circles in the yard for the sheer joy of it;
Bark, dig or whatever else that comes to his mind when bored;
Steal a child’s ice cream cone ‘cause it’s simply too tempting;
Chase cats and squirrels and unfortunately, skunks too;
Be happiest rolling in the mud or anything smelly;
Counter-cruise as soon as your back is turned;
Swipe your living room table clean with his tail;
Retain his youthful outlook on life into old age;
Always find the exception to the rule;
Follow-you everywhere in the house;
Make you laugh with his silliness;
Make the most of every day;
And brighten up "your" day;
Always be your friend.

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