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FCRSC's National Specialty, Québec City
Many Fieldday dogs took part and had all had a great time. Nemo showed splendidly and won his "Veteran" Class; Botox, Nitro, Doug and Caleigh were great in each of their classes; Dreamer made the final cut in the "Best of Breed competition", sweet Sarah showed for the first time and won the "Altered Class"; Caleigh got a CD obedience leg and, along with Mieka, took part in the field events. Congratulations to the owners and dogs!

Ch Fieldday Somebody to Love TD (Doug) finished his Canadian Championship and got his Tracking Dog title within one week. Congratulations to the owner.

Fieldday Modern Times (Botox) was Winner's dog at the Sherbrooke Flat-Coat booster and later finished his Canadian Championship with a Group 3 win.

Can Ch Fieldday Impromptu (Caleigh) succeeded her first Junior Hunter leg and got her CD obedience title.

Am/Can Ch Blacfriar Nautilus' Capt'n Can CDX JH WCI, Am CDX (Nemo) took Group 2 at the Flat-Coat booster in Sherbrooke.


At the end of March 2007, my daughters and I travelled to the UK. Flat-Coats were of course on the agenda. Good timing allowed me to attend a novice working test, on Sue Jones' kind invitation. On this particular day, the dogs needed to succeed four exercises to be in the running for the ribbons: a double retrieve, a single mark followed by a blind retrieve, a water test and a walk-up with honour. Congratulations to Sue and Rumpus for their 4th place.

The following day, at the Championship Show, Sue handed me her number, show lead and Rumpus (Gayplume Flamboyant at Suchanoich) and told me to go have fun. Thanks to Sue and Rumpus for a thrilling two days.


FCRSA National Specialty, Grey Summit, Missouri
Attended by over 500 Flat-Coats, Fieldday had a very successful week:
Can/Am Ch Fieldday On Your Mark Can WCI JH CD, Am WCX CD (Mieka): WCX Title + JAM in the "Steady Singles";
Can Ch Fieldday Impromptu (Caleigh): 3rd Sweepstakes (12-15 months) + Final Cut in Regular 12-18 month class;
Mieka and Caleigh: 1st in Brace;
Fieldday Modern Times (Botox): 4th Sweepstakes (12-15 months);
Can/Am Ch Blacfriar Nautilus' Capt'n Can/Am CDX, Can JH WCI (Nemo): JAM in "Best of Breed" competition.

Can Ch Fieldday Impromptu (Caleigh) took Best Puppy in Group and Group 2 one week-end and on her next outing, just before turning one year old, finished her Canadian Championship.

Can/Am Ch Fieldday On Your Mark Can WCI JH CD, Am CD (Mieka) took Best of Opposite at the NEFCRC Supported Entry in Syracuse NY for her Amercican Championship title.

Can/Am Ch Blacfriar Nautilus' Capt'n Can/Am CDX, Can JH WCI (Nemo): obtained his CDX American Obedience Title.


Can Ch Fieldday On Your Mark WCI JH CD (Mieka) succeeded her last leg for her CD obedience title and got her Intermediate Working Certificate (WCI).

Can/Am Ch Blacfriar Nautilus' Capt'n Can CDX WCI JH (Nemo) had a strong year starting with a Group 3 win under breeder-judge Doug Windsor. Then at the FCRSC's National Specialty in Thunder Bay, Ontario, he made the final cut for Best of Breed and got his Intermediate Working Certificate (WCI) as well. On his return home, he added a CDX obedience title to his name.


FCRSC'S National Specialty, Cornwall, Ontario
Lots of ribbons for the Fieldday dogs:
Ch Fieldday Devon Dream On WCX CDX JH, Am WC: 1st Brood Bitch + Working Certificate Excellent (WCX)
Ch Blacfriar Nautilus' Capt'n CDX JH WC (Nemo): 2nd Obedience CDX + 4th Stud Dog
Fieldday On Your Mark WC (Mieka): 2nd in Bred-By Exhibitor + 3rd in Working” Class

Ch Fieldday On Your Mark JH WC (Mieka) is quite the field dog getting her Junior Hunter title in four straight trials. She then went on to become a Canadian Champion.



Can/Am Ch Blacfriar Nautilus' Capt'n JH WC CD (Nemo) had a good year finishing his Am Championship with 3 back-to-back majors, his Can and Am Obedience Novice title (CD) as well as a Working Certificate (WC) and a Junior Hunter Title (JH).

Ch Fieldday Devon Dream On CDX WCI JH, Am WC (Devon) got her CDX Obedience title and her WCI Working Certificate.

Fieldday On Your Mark (Mieka) took Best puppy in Group on the on the first day of the FCRSC booster week-end in Cornwall and soon after her Working Certificate at 10 months.

Fieldday's Avalon at Shadentan (Brigus) took Best Puppy in Group on his first show at 6 months and won two others the week-end of the FCRSC booster in Cornwall.

Ch Fieldday Star Dreamer (Dreamer) finished his Canadian Championship at 17 months.


Ch Blacfriar Nautilus' Capt'n (Nemo) finished his Canadian Championship in December at the Montreal's United Kennel Club Show.

Ch Fieldday Devon Dream On CD (Devon) got her Junior Hunter title.


Ch Fieldday Devon Dream On (Devon) became Fieldday's first Canadian Champion and succeeded both her Canadian and American Working Certificate (WC).