CH Fieldday Wishgranter CD, WC (Maeve)

So young and so much to say already about this incredible liver girl.

Maeveā€™s strong people focus and intelligence make her easy to train and at 10 months, she was High in Class at her first two Novice Obedience trials and finished her CD title with another 1st placement.

With her beautiful front assembly, solid top line both standing and moving and strong well angulated rear, our lovely girl finished her Championship with ease and at her first FCRSA's National Specialty in Pennsylvania, came in 4th in Sweepstakes and 2nd in the Regular 15-18 month class under UK judge Jim Irvine.

Maeve was introduced to some basic rudiments of retrieving as a young pup and will pursue her training this summer. Extremely fast with strong prey drive, it will be exciting to work with her knowing how she likes to please and always gives her all.

Do come and visit our little girl's page as she grows up!

Date of Birth : January 21, 2017
Sex : Female
Colour : Liver
Call Name : Maeve
Owner(s) : Nicole Germain
Breeder(s) : Nicole Germain
Hips : OFA Good
Elbows : OFA Normal
Patellas : OFA Normal
Eyes - Cerf : OFA Normal
Eyes - Gonioscopy : Unaffected
DNA : n/a