Past Litters

The Explorers/Adventurers Litter

September 14, 2020

Ella is a beautiful bitch from the Cosmo-Saga litter of 2018, a pedigree which goes back to Taggart, Boone and Pixie… three wonderful and talented dogs that have contributed so much to Fieldday.

We are thrilled to have as the sire, the handsome Arthur from the well-known Rowansgaard's kennel.

With Specialty winners as well as proven field dogs on both sides, we expect beautiful puppies with tons of natural working ability and will to please for whatever endeavour you wish to take on or explore.

The litter will be whelped by the co-owner, Andrée Proulx, and the puppies will be registered under the Fieldday affix with the usual guarantees.

For more information, please contact me at

Ch Rowansgaard Black Caviar (Arthur)
Ch Fieldday Milady de Winters (Ella)

The "Artists" Litter

We arrived on December 31, 2019

We are delighted to confirm that the Cosmo-Maeve breeding was successful. The puppies from this combination of excellent proven show and working lines are expected at the beginning of January 2020.

Cosmo has produced two litters for us with several pups doing well in the show ring and in varied performance venues. His puppy owners are delighted with the sweet and biddable temperament he has passed on to his progeny.

Maeve is a sweet athletic little girl with great training attitude be it for obedience, field and other fun activities to which we will come back to after her first litter.

The puppies will all be black and should be ready for their new home in early March 2020. For more information, please e-mail me at


Fieldday Kurios (Cosmo)
CH Fieldday Wishgranter CD (Maeve)

The "Comedy Films" Litter

April 8, 2019

The Fieldday dynasty continues with Kate and Sampo!!!

Best of Opposite in Specialty, Kate followed in her parents footsteps, with Pixie Best in Specialty and Flash Best in Show.

Sampo’s mom is the talented Boone who made sure to pass on her work ethics to her babes and his dad Corry is the son of “Sh Ch Vbos The Kentuckian”, Crufts’ BIS winner.

This breeding is a combination of strong English lines for puppies with beautiful breed type, friendly with an enthusiastic willingness to please in any activity.

Ch Fieldday Road Trippin' (Sampo)
BOSS Ch Fieldday Morgan Aero RN CD HIT (Kate)

The "Three Musketeers" litter

February 4, 2018

Long awaited, the Cosmo-Saga breeding for puppies going back to Taggart, Boone and Pixie… three wonderful and talented dogs that have contributed so much to Fieldday. Cosmo’s easy-going, gentle temperament and Saga’s energetic, sweet personality should produce affectionate, bright and gorgeous puppies with a zest for life that will delight performance enthusiasts and families alike.

Fieldday Kurios (Cosmo)
Ch Fieldday Saga Norén (Saga)

The "Charlie Chaplin" Litter

May 9, 2017

We have been waiting a long time for a litter from Kate and are thrilled to announce that puppies are due in early May.

Bred to Cosmo, we expect bright and good-natured puppies with exceptional conformation and temperament to excel in both the show ring and working venues and, above all, as treasured family members.

Fieldday Kurios (Cosmo)
BOSS Can Ch Fieldday Morgan Aero RN, CD, HIT (Kate)

The "Animated Short Films" Litter

January 21, 2017

Thrilled to announce Suki's breeding to the lovely Ghillie… a combination of respected English show-working lines for beautiful sound puppies with an outgoing, friendly and biddable disposition and versatile performance abilities.

Lyneholme Muddy Ghillie
Ch Fieldday Runnin' Down a Dream

The "Hungar Games" Litter

May 31, 2016

Fieldday is looking forward to its 5th generation with the breeding of Suki to Dillon for beautiful pups for work or show.

Ch Itzawhat's All In SH WCI (Dillon)
Ch Fieldday Runnin' Down a Dream (Suki)

The "Detectives" Litter

July 10, 2015

The puppies from Taggart and Boone’s first litter were everything that we could hope for and more. Hoping that this repeat breeding will produce your hunting buddy, agility partner or family companion.

Can Ch Matlaras Taggart JH CD WC RN, HIT (Taggart)
Can Ch Fieldday Boundin' WCI CDX RA JH, CGN (Boone)

"The Chronicles of Narnia" Litter

July 17, 2015

Fieldday is very excited to announce the repeat breeding of Flint to Pixie. Last year’s all boy litter has certainly produced handsome puppies with wonderful temperaments and this time around, with any luck, pink will be favoured☺.

Can Ch Dutch D'Votion Art of Being an Angel Can CD WCX, Can/Am MH (Flint)
BISS Can/Am Ch Matlaras Estella Can RA JH WC CGN, Can/Am CD (Pixie)

The "Cirque du Soleil" Litter

August 21, 2014

Fieldday is very excited to announce the breeding of Flint to Pixie, a combination of prestigious and talented English lines. Moderately sized at 23’’ and 70 lbs, Flint is a most handsome and well structured Flat-Coat and, with a Master Hunter title in Canada and his recent 3 Master Hunter passes in the States, true to his working background. Combined to Pixie’s English show-working lines, we expect beautiful typey puppies with great natural working abilities. Click on their names for more info.

Can Ch Dutch D'Votion Art of Being an Angel Can MH CD WCX, Am SH and 3 MH passes (Flint)
BISS Can Ch Matlaras Estella RA JH CD WC (Pixie)

The "Witches and Wizards" Litter

August 21, 2013

Active working puppies of sound structure and biddable temperament are expected from the breeding of Taggart to Boone, both parents being easy and fun dogs to train and be around with.

Ch Matlaras Taggart WC RN
Ch Fieldday Boundin' RA CDX JH WC

The "Car Tunes" Litter

January 19, 2013

Pixie and Flash… outstanding show winners with a most friendly and easy-going temperament for puppies with beautiful breed type and an enthusiastic willingness to please.

BIS Can Ch/Am GCh Fieldday Aston Martin (Flash)
BISS Can Ch Matlaras Estella CD JH RN WC, GCN (Pixie)

The "Road Trip" Litter

January 19, 2013

Boone and Corry, a combination of strong English lines for beautiful sound puppies, athletically versatile with a sweet and biddable disposition. Black only.

Can/Am Ch Stormwatch Edge of the Cloud (Corry)
Can Ch Fieldday Boundin' CDX RA JH WC, GCN (Boone)

The "Super Heroes" Litter

August 18, 2009

For Caleigh's 2nd breeding, we chose Ethan, the 2009 FCRSA National Specialty winner and Canadian Grand Champion with multiple Best in Shows.They were a fine bunch and it being summer, had a lot of fun outdoors. Enjoy the pictures taken during their first 8 weeks.

Can MBIS GCH/Am BISS CH Light-Foot's Sugar on Snow Can CGN/Am CGC (Ethan)
Can CH Fieldday Impromptu JH CD (Caleigh)

The "Pixar" Litter

February 20, 2009

Mieka's last litter with Eng Sh CH Telsmoss Tressel (Jenson) brought us Boone, a lovely little liver girl who soon stole our hearts. Most of the photos were taken indoors but during the last 2-3 weeks with us, with the warmer spring days, the pups were able to go outside and discover a brand new world.

Eng SH CH Telsmoss Tressel (Jenson)
Am/Can CH Fieldday On Your Mark Can JH CD WCI, Am CD WCX (Mieka)

The "Dream" Litter

May 1, 2008

Caleigh's first litter was to Eng Show Champion Telsmoss Tressel that I met at the Championship show in Malvern, England, in April of 2007. I was quite taken by his lovely temperament, ring exuberance and conformation. This 3-year old represented the breed well and shortly after, he received his first CC's, quickly followed with two others for his championship. Jenson was also Best Puppy in Show at the 2005 Championship show. I hope you'll enjoy the candid shots of this lovely litter.

Eng SH CH Telsmoss Tressel (Jenson)
Can CH Fieldday Impromptu CD JH (Caleigh)

The "James Bond" Litter

Puppies born on February 5, 2007 - 5 males and 1 female

Finally a breeding of my lovely boy Nemo to our beautiful and talented girl Mieka. The theme for this litter was well chosen for it was, but for one puppy, a boy's litter. Here is the James Bond crew:

These boys were really the sweetest and wouldn't you know it, the one who moved a lot of air about was Laurie. I am told to this day she is still quite the busybody. It was a winter litter and they were introduced to snow way before they were able to enjoy sunny warm days and swim in ponds. They left for their new homes in early April.

Am/Can CH Blacfriar Nautilus’ Capt’n Can JH CDX WCI, Am CDX (Nemo)
Am/Can CH Fieldday On Your Mark Can CD JH WCI, Am CD WCX (Mieka)

The "Queen" Litter

Puppies born May 1, 2005 - 3 liver males and 2 black males/3 liver females and 2 black females

How fortunate I was to breed Mieka to the loveliest liver dog I've ever seen, Matlaras Cadmus. Ghillie's splendid type, correct structure and wonderful temperament are sought attributes in any breeding programme. Forever grateful to his breeder, Karen Plumtree, for lending her gorgeous boy, winner of two CC's, to Fieldday. Here are the puppies:

Liver male (red)- Fieldday Smile "Len"
Liver male (orange) - CH Fieldday Modern Times "Botox"
Liver male (olive) - CH Fieldday Somebody to Love TD "Doug"
Liver female (light blue) - CH Bohemian Rhapsody "Gypsy"
Black male (brown) - Fieldday Under Pressure "Nitro"
Liver female (yellow) - Fieldday Freddie's Berline "Berline"
Liver female (light pink) - Fieldday Sweet Lady Sarah "Sarah"
Black male (royal blue) - Fieldday Dreamer's Ball "Bebop"
Black female (white) - Fieldday Lily of the Valley "Lily"
Black female (hot pink) - CH Fieldday Impromptu JH CD "Caleigh"

Matlaras Cadmus (Ghillie)
Am/Can CH Fieldday On Your Mark Can JH CD WCI, Am CD WCX (Mieka)